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Outback Photo Handbook Index

Photographic Workflow Knowledge and Resource Center

Cameras & Gear

Our favourite cameras and gear
Cameras - Lenses - Tripods - Bags - More

Workflow & Editing Learn about the complete workflow
Workflow - Editing - More
Color management Get started using a color manage workflow
Monitor Profiling - Printer Profiling - Color Spaces
Photography Basics Some photography essentials
Photo Techniques - Digital Photography Essentials
Shooting in the Field Some tips for digital photography
Watch your Histogram - More
Image Organization Basic photo organization
Lightroom - More
RAW file Processing Learn how to handle RAW files
Lightroom - Camera Raw (ACR) - LightZone - More
Advanced Editing Learn how to use selective and layer based editing
Stitching - Advanced Workflow
HDR and Tonemapping Learn how to create and use Hight Dynamic Range Images
B&W Photography Learn how to create B&W images in the digital world
B&W Conversion - B&W Softproofing
Output / Printing Get started with printing, web and slide shows
Printing - Papers
Image Archiving Where to store all these images?
Archiving - Backup
Photo Composition Train your eyes and express your vision
Framing - Photography & Truth - Cropping
Photo Tuning Filters DOP creates filters that help to improve your photographs
Photo Tuning Filters
Appendix Computers, photographic tools, workflow software & more
Computers - Interviews - Talks - Contests
Portfolios Featured photographic portfolios
Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller - Jim Collum - George Barr